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Travel is all about adventure, and we have plenty of that on offer through our network of preferred suppliers.

On land adventures abound; get airborn in New Zealand, hike Kokoda, climb Everest, tackle rapids in Canada or get up close and personal with wildlife in Africa.

A cruise is a unique way to explore unique destinations not always accessible by land. Walk among penguins, kayaking in icy waters, snorkel among marine life on spectacular reefs and view thousand year old glaciers while whale watching.

Whatever you choose you can do it at your own pace and are guaranteed to take home some great photos and memories!


The Southern Lights by Flight – 2021

Witness the Aurora Australis over Antarctica from the air! Many people spend a small fortune to fly to Norway, Canada or the Arctic Circle to see the Northern lights, but…

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Expedition Cruising: Are you ready?

If you think ‘expedition cruising’ sounds adventurous, extreme and not something your average Joe and Joanna Bloggs does, you’re wrong. Find out if they’re right for you as we dig into what you can expect as well as list our top five must-go destinations.

We’re a Virgin Galactic Space Agent

We can take you to space! Here's how... We are proud to be one of only 8 accredited Virgin Galactic Space Agents in Australia, and the only one in Victoria!…

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