A family holiday that will actually feel like a holiday!

Have you heard the saying ‘You know you’re a parent when going grocery shopping alone feels like a holiday, and a holiday feels like work’?
Keeping children entertained while on holidays can sometimes be a challenge (and an expensive one at that!), but our clients rarely have this problem when they go on a cruise.
There are many family cruise options available to suit all budgets, and once onboard there are endless opportunities for families to spend quality time together – mostly without paying another cent. Enjoy some time swimming, splashing and relaxing by one of the pools, shoot some hoops, learn to surf (yes it is possible!), see a movie, listen to some live music, do a spot of shopping or let the kids go wild with rock climbing!
The other huge bonus of cruising is the ever-popular kids club. Supervised by qualified instructors, most ships provide programs for different age groups where the children can choose from a jam-packed program of fun and education. They get to make new friends while the adults have a quiet drink or meal together or they might enjoy some pampering at the onboard spa/salon all while knowing that the children are safe and enjoying themselves.
Some Cruise Lines have taken the next step and enhanced the experience for children by partnering with brands.  Royal Caribbean and Dreamworks have teamed up together and offer on select ships, screenings of newly released Dreamworks movies along with having characters roam around the ship for that perfect photo opportunity.  Kids also get to enjoy an evening Dreamworks parade on board and can bop along as all their favourite Dreamworks charcters walk the Promenade!
Carnival have also done a similar thing and aligned themselves with Dr Suess, offering ‘Suess at Sea’. Children have the opportunity to listen to many favourite Dr Suess stories in an interactive setting, as well as having the chance to dine with Dr Suess characters, participate in themed art & craft sessions and enjoy the Dr Suess Parade.
On top of all this, you will get to explore the destinations that the cruise will take you to and create lifelong memories with your loved ones.
Check out our family cruise options here or get in touch if you would like our advice as to the cruise that will best suit your family.