Exploring small islands of the Indian ocean.

Coral Expeditions are proud to let you know that they have added a fifth ship to their expedition fleet – Coral Geographer!

For the first time, Coral Expeditions will venture into the vast expanses of the Indian Ocean with a maiden voyage series designed to traverse and explore the lesser seen island wonders of the Indian Ocean.

What is the Deal?


Coral Expeditions maiden voyage series consists of three unique expeditions.


Seychelles to Maruitius | Departs 1 February 2021 | 15 Nights

Spend two days at the Aldabra group of islands in the Seychelles, the world’s second largest atoll, home to giant tortoises

See Lemurs and Aye Ayes at Masoala National Park

Marvel at Réunion’s dramatic volcanic scenery

View Tsingy formations in Madagascar at Ankarana National Park

Learn of the pirate past of Île Sainte-Marie



In Search of Sub Antarctic Lands | Departs Late February 2021 | 25 – 30 Nights

In true expedition style, the third voyage will complete an epic crossing of the Indian Ocean from Mauritius to home waters in Fremantle, Australia.

This voyage experience will be for the true explorers with a strong focus on scientific and research based exploration of these very remote natural environments.

Guest numbers will be strictly limited on this voyage.

What you need to know

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