Our Team

Kirsty Eccles | Director & Cruise Master 

Kirsty has been working in the travel industry since 1998 and has a broad knowledge of various destinations. She is proud to be a certified Cruise Master.

She describes her most memorable travel experience to date as being fortunate enough to have attended the unveiling of Virgin Galactic’s Whitenight II & Spaceship II design’s in NYC.  She was lucky enough to meet Sir Richard Branson, explore her favourite city of New York.  Other travel highlights for Kirsty include experiencing New Year’s Eve in Times Square, elephant trekking in India and soaking up the sun in Jamaica!

Kirsty has spent the last few years travelling with her family and has developed a love for the laid back lifestyle in Fiji along with family friendly resorts and endless cocktails! She has also travelled extensively within Hawaii and across America, having visited Disneyland many times. Most recently Kirsty led a group of 150 travellers to Disneyland which included a dance troupe of 49 children who performed at Disneyland and Universal Studios.

So whether it’s an intimate family getaway, generational family holiday or a large travelling group, Kirsty would love to be involved in planning your next memorable journey!

Jodie Quick | Director & Group Specialist

Jodie has been in the travel industry since she purchased Meridian Travel with her sister Kirsty in 2005. Jodie has a passion for escorted group tours, having perfectly executed multiple group itineraries over the years.

Jodie has travelled extensively through North America from the West to East Cost and down to the deep south. Her love of cruising has allowed her to enjoy the sights in the Caribbean and Europe as well as the river cruising through France.

Jodie and her family enjoy travelling to Bali annually. While travelling they like to test out shopping hot-spots and eateries. Not surprisingly Jodie’s favourite things to do outside of the office include shopping, family time and enjoying a latte with friends.

Jodie’s dream destination is South America, to truly experience its untouched natural beauty. It is a trip she plans to take with her husband when her children are old enough to be left at home on their own!

Simone Borstelj | Senior Travel Consultant 

Simone has been in the travel industry for fifteen years and is a worldwide traveller. She is experienced with USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, Australia, Pacific Islands and Asia (including China and India) with her favourite destinations being France, Italy, Thailand and Kenya.

Her dream is to visit the ancient city of Machu Picchu and to dance a Tango in Argentina!

Simone would love to help you plan your journey.

Belinda Rice | Senior Travel Consultant 

Belinda has been working in the travel industry for over 15 years.  She loves to get off the beaten track and explore unique destinations.  Belinda spent 3 weeks on an Expedition to Antarctica, has travelled to the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, North America, South Africa, Botswana Zimbabwe, Nepal, Tibet, Europe, South East Asia and the list goes on.  The next destination she would love to tick off her bucket list is Kenya and Tanzania.

Most recently Belinda had the opportunity to experience Portugal and over 7 nights indulged in port wine and Portuguese tarts!

Helen Schiefelbein  | Senior Travel Consultant 

Helen has been in the travel industry for over twenty years. She has travelled extensively through Europe and South America. Helen has also lived in Myanmar for twelve months which has equipped her with an intimate knowledge of Asia, a region she has widely travelled . More recently Helen had the amazing opportunity to experience the Trans-Mongolian train journey from Beijing to Ulaanbataar.

Helen looks forward to expanding her list of travelled destinations including cruising to Antarctica to experience lands of pristine beauty and amazing wildlife.