Team Members Profile

Kirsty Eccles


Kirsty has been working in the travel industry since 1998 and has a broad knowledge of various destinations. She describes her most memorable travel experience to date as being fortunate enough to have attended the unveiling of Virgin Galactic’s Whitenight II & Spaceship II design’s in NYC. Whilst there Kirsty was lucky enough to meet Sir Richard Branson and apart from NYC being her favorite city in the world, those who attended the launch were treated like royalty. During the launch Kirsty had the chance to ride in a Centrifuge, which is a simulated spaceship. The experience was exhilarating and one she will never forget.

Other travel highlights for Kirsty include experiencing New Year’s Eve in Times Square, elephant trekking in India and soaking up the sun in Jamaica!

Kirsty’s first love is her family, husband Paul, daughter Olivia and son, Riley. Her family would be on the top of her list when chosing her dream destination and she hopes to one day travel with them to the Greek Islands and enjoy the beauty in this part of the world.

Jodie Quick


Jodie has been in the travel industry since she bought Meridian Travel with her sister Kirsty back in 2005.

Jodie and her family enjoy travelling to Bali annually. They travel there with friends and have fine-tuned the shopping hotspots and eateries. Not surprisingly Jodie’s favourite things to do outside of the office are shopping, family time and enjoying a latte with friends.

Jodie’s dream destination would be to visit the beautiful South America, and truly experience its untouched natural beauty. It is a trip she plans to take with her husband once her children are old enough to be left at home on their own!