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Booking Terms and Conditions

This document contains the terms and conditions of the contract between you and Meridian Travel, by making a payment on your booking, you agree that you have read, understood, and are legally bound by this contract. A copy of this document can be provided on request.

No response indicates confirmation of these conditions. If you are not at least 18 years of age, your legal guardian must accompany you when making your booking.

Meridian Travel only acts as an agent on behalf of a third party supplier. Our obligation to you is to make travel bookings and arrange any relevant services required between you and the service provider. Meridian Travel takes no responsibility or gives any warranties for services booked with third party suppliers.  All bookings made on your behalf by Meridian Travel are governed by the terms and conditions imposed by the service provider.

In the event an accident, disaster or emergency is reported to have occurred in a country where you will or may be travelling, you authorise Meridian Travel to disclose to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, details of your itinerary (including without limitation, transport and accommodation arrangements) and your contact details within Australia and overseas.

Meridian Travel also recommends you register your details with www.smarttraveller.com.au


All prices quoted by Meridian Travel are subject to change at any time. Bookings are not secured until a deposit is received and prices are subject to change until your booking is paid in full.

Any taxes quoted, may vary on a daily basis in accordance with the daily exchange rates. Due to continual air fare increases and currency, tax and fuel fluctuations, prices quoted will need to be rechecked. Please ask your consultant for an updated price prior to making final payment. Meridian Travel has no control over these charges.

Local travel, airport taxes and charges may apply overseas. These charges are not included in taxes paid to Meridian Travel.


All deposits paid to Meridian Travel are non refundable.

Cancellation and amendment fees apply (see Fees and Charges Schedule attached). Please be aware that refunds, if applicable, may take many months to be processed by Airlines and Tour Companies.

It is your responsibility to provide Meridian Travel with passport/ birth certificate to ensure all names are spelt correctly at the time of booking. Meridian Travel will not be liable for any fees and charges imposed by third party suppliers for incorrect spelling of passenger names.


Passport validity must be at least 6 months after your return date to Australia.

Please provide Meridian Travel with a copy of each passenger’s passport at the time of booking.

Ensure you check visa requirements for all countries you will visit, prior to departure from Australia. If you are not travelling with an Australian passport, please ensure you have valid re entry permits before departure.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure they are aware of these requirements prior to booking travel. Any costs incurred by the passenger as a result of not meeting the requirements of entry into a country are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Meridian Travel does not accept any liability. Meridian Travel staff will be happy to lodge necessary visa application on your behalf. Additional costs apply.

All visitors travelling to the United States of America travelling under the Visa Waiver Program (including Australian passport holders) MUST obtain authorisation to travel to the USA by applying online at https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov. It is recommended your application is lodged no later than 72 hours prior to departure. These conditions apply to passengers flying to the United States either as a destination/stop over or as a transit point.

In the event you are travelling to a country/countries which do not require a visa for Australian passport holders, it is you obligation to advise us or any arrests or convictions in respect of any offence or breach of law. Non disclosure of this information may lead to your being refused entry in certain countries. Meridian Travel accepts no responsibility if such information is withheld. If you would prefer not to disclose this information to our staff, you must contact the embassy of each country to make your own arrangements in regard to entry to that country.

It is your responsibility to become aware of any health requirements for your travel destination. We highly recommend you consult your Doctor prior to departure for advice on vaccinations required/recommended for your destination/s or contact Travelvax on 1300 360 164 or visit their website at www.travelvax.com.au.Vaccinations may need to be administered well in advance of departure. It remains your responsibility to ensure these vaccinations are received within enough time prior to travelling. Your doctor will also be able to provide you with written verification for any medication you may be required to carrying whilst on holiday.


Meridian Travel strongly recommends that travel insurance is purchased at the time of booking. Meridian Travel is able to provide you with a quote and copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Please read the PDS carefully before purchasing the policy to ensure it provides the right level of cover for your needs. Should you wish to proceed with the policy, complete the application form and return, with payment to Meridian Travel, who will issue the policy on your behalf. A 14 day cooling off period applies from the date the policy has been issued, after which time the policy becomes non refundable.

Any pre-existing medical conditions will need to be disclosed to the insurance company prior to purchasing the policy. A surcharge may apply. Meridian Travels accepts no responsibility for cancellation/refusal of policies and/or any claims made to the insurance provider. Meridian Travel respects your privacy and abides by the Privacy Amendment Act 2000.

Should you require Meridian Travel to lodge or assist you in lodging an insurance claim for a policy not purchased through Meridian Travel, there is a minimum charge $100 per claim.


Please provide Meridian Travel with your Frequent Flyer Membership details at the time of booking. It remains your responsibility to check with the airline’s Frequent Flyer Service Centre whether your flights will earn you points. Some discounted fares may not be eligible. Always retain your boarding passes for proof of flights. Meridian Travel does not take any responsibility for lost or unissued Frequent Flyer Points.


Meridian Travel is a Travelex representative and can assist with foreign currency and cash passport cards. Please ask your consultant to arrange this at the time of you booking.

TravelSim Cards can also be purchased through Meridian Travel. TravelSIM works by simply replacing your normal SIM card with the TravelSIM SIM card when you travel. Speak to Meridian Travel staff for more information.

Meridian Travel has an in-store travel shop “All Things Travel” which stocks items that you may require for your upcoming trip. Take a look at our products whilst at our office or contact your consultant for further information.

For current Travel advisories, please visit www.smartraveller.gov.au

Please visit www.travelsecure.infrastructure.gov.au to prepare for your journey.


Payment can be made in cash or by bank cheque. Payments made by personal cheque will not be accepted within 5 business days of payment due date.

Payments made by credit card may attract a fee (1.45% – 2.20%)

Direct deposit can be made into the following account –
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation | Account Name: Meridian Travel (vic) Pty Ltd Trust
BSB: 033 077 | Account number: 203 800 | Reference: Your surname
(Please note that transfers normally take 24-48 hours)



Domestic Travel – $ 110.00 per person
International Travel – $ 220.00 per person
(All deposits are in addition to operator’s deposit required and are non-refundable)


All Consulates – $ 120.00 per person/consulate
Assistance with online visa applications – $ 28.50 per person

ESTA (USA visa waiver) – $ 16.50 per person


Domestic – $ 50.00 per person
International – $ 110.00 per person
Round The World – $ 165.00 per person

Frequent Flyer Redemption bookings for;

Domestic Travel – $ 110.00 per person

International Travel – $ 165.00 per person


Before Ticket Issued or Land Arrangements booked – 1st change free of charge
After ticket issued or deposits paid on land/cruise/tours – $ 44.00 per ticket
(In addition to Airline amendments and change fees)
Travel Insurance Claims Processing Fee – $ 165.00 per person


VISA/MASTERCARD                         – 1.50%
AMERICAN EXPRESS                      – 2.20%


Cancellation fees up to 15% of total booking in addition to airline/operator’s cancellation charges


Bookings made within 3 working days of departure from $55.00 per booking


Itinerary Planning Fee (Per quotation) – $ 110.00 per person
(this fee is redeemable on deposit of booking)
Assistance with Cruise Personaliser – $ 38.50 per person
Assistance with Shore Excursion Reservations – $ 38.50 per person
Charges include gst


Updated 14th December 2012

Deposits and balance payment due dates may be well before guest contributions are received on your registry, it is the responsibility of the Bride/Groom to pay required monies on or before due dates.

Below is list of Set up fee’s which apply to Bridal Registries:

Up to $3000.00 $110.00
$3000 – $6000.00 $55.00
$6000.00 + Nil

If guest contributions exceed the value of your honeymoon booking, Meridian Travel will refund the difference by company cheque or direct deposit, we cannot provide cash refunds. Alternatively additional contributions may be used towards hotel/flight upgrades, additional sightseeing, foreign currency orders etc as desired by the Bride/Groom.

If there is no travel booking in place when starting a Bridal Registry the minimum deposit required is $220.00 per person which comes off the cost of booking once made. If no booking is made with Meridian Travel this deposit is non refundable.

It is the responsibility of Bride/Groom to ensure all guests receive a bridal registry card which states the contribution deadline and whether the contributions will be disclosed or undisclosed.

In case of cancellation of honeymoon, Meridian Travel standard booking conditions apply and applicable Bridal Registry set up fee (if any) is non refundable.


Cruiseco Pty. Ltd. is the provider of cruise holidays to the public through our member travel agencies.

Many of these holidays are uniquely designed and require us to charter ships or divert ships from their planned itinerary. Even when we are not chartering ships we often take large blocks of cabins on cruises so that our member travel agencies have enough cabins for their passengers.

This requires us to place large and irrevocable payments with cruise lines and other travel suppliers.

Our normal marketing policy – which changes from time to time – is to offer an ‘Earlybird’ discount to passengers to encourage them to book early. This discount is steadily reduced and/or eliminated up to the time of sailing. This process happens on more than 80% of the holidays that we offer.

Occasionally, we have late cancellations or we still have a small amount of cabins left close to the time of sailing. As we are irrevocably committed to pay for these cabins, regardless of whether they are occupied or not, it is sometimes necessary for us to offer last minute discounts that may or may not be more than the discount offered at the time of initially offering the holiday.

This promotional procedure is not specific to Cruiseco holidays and is normal for most travel providers in the cruise, airline and accommodation industries where the massive cost of infrastructure requires very high utilisation.

All of our agencies are obligated under our agreement to draw to your attention that you have every right to book your holiday early, secure a fair rate and the cabin of your choice. You equally have the right to wait and see if a larger discount is offered later, although this only happens in less than 20% of our holidays and is always restricted in cabin types and locations. If possible, but without obligation, it is our policy to only offer last minute discounts in the least attractive of cabins in each meta-category (inside/outside/balcony). None of our member agencies are authorised to give an opinion as to whether a later or larger discount will or may be offered.

We recommend early booking so that you have broader access to the cabin of your choice and are able to look forward to your cruise holiday with confidence and anticipation. You must understand, however, that this fixes the price and value of your holiday and that no later price or value change (increase or decrease) will be afforded to you. This excludes situations where significant fluctuations in foreign currencies may affect the overall cost of your cruise holiday, if the cruise or other services are purchased in currencies other than Australian dollars.

If this statement is not clear, please ask your travel agent for further clarification.