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It’s a simple 3 step process to book a coach tour or river cruise with Global Travel Tours. If booking online is too scary for you, then don’t worry, we take bookings over the phone too!

How do we entice you to book your holiday online with Global Journeys, instead of through your local high street agent? Shouldn’t be too hard we don’t think – thousands of clients have been convinced!

When you make an enquiry on one of our tour packages, you are assigned your own personal Tour Consultant (yep, here in Australia). You are provided with her contact details so you can email or phone her directly!

Do I need a visa? Probably not, but possible so best to make sure! What about my passport, it’s almost run out – will it be OK? Read our section on visa’s and passports to ensure you have a fantastic journey.

This Frequently Asked Question’s section answers questions you may be pondering before you decide to book your coach tour or river cruise. For example – how do I choose between Operators? When are the next season dates released?

This Frequently Asked Question’s section answers questions that are likely to arise before you leave for your guided holiday or river cruise. For example – what should I wear on our river cruise? How much luggage can I bring?

This Frequently Asked Question’s section answers questions you might not have thought about that previous clients have asked us in the past while on tour. For example – Can I have laundry done? How do I change my currency? Is there seat rotation on our coach?

A necessary evil that you need to have! Global Journeys highly recommends you organise your travel insurance before you travel! If you don’t already have an annual policy or are looking for travel insurance then save 20% with our online quote.

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