Make interest-free monthly instalments on your Visa or MasterCard over 2-10 months. No loan application necessary. TravelPay is ideal for travellers who wish to lock in exchange rates and prices, and spread out their holiday payments.

How does it work?

TravelPay is quite simple. As long as your departure date is at least 14 days after the last scheduled installment, you can apply for TravelPay

  • You choose the payment schedule that works best for you. Holiday payment plans are available across a 2, 3, 4,5,6 or 10 month period, depending upon your departure date
  • Your travel agent will fill in your application then TravelPay will confirm if your application is accepted within 3 business days
  • You can use your everyday VISA or MasterCard credit or debit cards to make scheduled payments.
  • If you are a credit card holder and a member of a reward points program, you will receive frequent flyer points on your credit card after each monthly TravelPay instalment.

Establishment fees (approx $100) and cancellation may fees apply. Please fill in the form below for a brochure and more information.

TravelPay is operated by Zenith Payments.

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